Ansha Afridi and Shaheen Shah Afridi – Match Made or just Speculations?

Shaheen Shah Afridi is a rising star of the Pakistani cricket team. He became the youngest player to take 100 T20 wickets. He is undoubtedly talented and was part of Lahore Qalander’s team in the 6th season of PSL.

The fast bowler’s family approached former captain Shahid Afridi’s family for their eldest daughter’s hand in marriage. Ansha Arfidi is 18 years old and is still studying, while Shaheen Shah Afridi is 20 years old.

The news spread like wildfire in the last week. Many of Shahid Afridi’s fans expressed excitement over the story, while others did not approve of the match.

Pakistani journalist Ihtisham Ul Haq stated that the proposal had been accepted, and they are set to be engaged after the completion of Ansha Afridi’s education in two years. Ihtisham also cleared that the families were in talks and advised the public to wait for their official statements and respect their privacy during this time.

At last, the much-awaited official statement by Shahid Afridi came on Twitter. He said that matches are made in heaven, and the match will be made if Allah wills. While this is not a clear answer as to if the proposal by Shaheen’s family has been accepted, it can be speculated that the former cricketer might be looking for a few other matches before finalizing his daughter’s engagement. He also wished Shaheen the best of luck in his future endeavors.

However, many are inferring that Shahid’s statement was a green signal to the proposal by Shaheen’s family, and the official engagement will take place in two years.

Shaheen Afridi replied to his tweet by thanking him for the wishes and prayed that Allah makes things easy for everyone. However, this too was not a clear-cut response on where the two stand on the engagement.

Shahid Afridi did not mention when the engagement will be held. Therefore, there is not any confirmation as to if the families have agreed to the match or not.

Ansha Afridi has been active in Shahid Afridi’s Foundation. She plans to work for the foundation after the completion of her studies. Many were speculating that Shaheen Afridi belongs to a Pathan cast where they do not allow women to work or come in the media actively. If this is true, it might be an issue for young Ansha to fulfill her dreams.

However, many fans stated that because Ansha is a free-spirited girl, she will not get engaged to Shaheen Shah Afridi even after the completion of her education.

Furthermore, Shaheen Shah’s controversy with Hareem Shah was also the concern of many fans. The fans said that this proposal is not suitable for Shahid Afridi’s daughter, raised like a princess and is also well educated.

So, only time will tell what happens after two years when the couple is set to be officially engaged. There has been speculation, but let’s see which of these come true and how Shahid Afridi marries off his beloved eldest daughter of five.