Alizey Shah Smacks Co-Star Danyal Zafar

Alizey Shah is quite a controversial celebrity in the Pakistani entertainment industry ever since her switch from a modest girl portrayed in ISPR drama Ehd-e-Wafa to a modern girl donning bob-cut and western clothes.

However, she has garnered a huge fan base. In Ramadan 2021, she starred in a sweet feel-good drama Taana Baana alongside Danyal Zafar as her co-star. Danyal Zafar who is popularly known as Ali Zafar’s younger brother has developed a strong bond with Alizey ever since their work together.

This strong bond can be seen in Alizey’s latest video on Instagram where Danyal scares innocent Alizey. The site seems to be a shooting location from a drama.

Does this mean the due will be starring in another show as a couple? Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

In the video, Alizey is seen wearing a bright orange shalwar kameez and gets frightened when Danyal scares her. We see her playfully smacking him when he does so. Does this hint at the start of something new? It certainly smells like it!

Alizey was previously in a relationship with drama actor Noman Sami with whom she shared the screen in the drama Mera Dil Mera Dushman. While viewers were hoping for Alizey Shah and Noman to become engaged, the couple called quits a few months back leaving her fans heartbroken. The alleged couple unfollowed one another on Instagram even though they posted quite a lot of pictures together as a couple.

Source : Instagram

While Alizey and Danyal shared strong chemistry in the Ramadan special series, and they have teased each just like in this video posted by Alizey Shah, the fans need more hints to confirm if there is something special going on between them. However, the public and fans of both actors have their eyes sharp for spotting if anything is going on between the two.

For now, one important thing for Danyal Zafar is to establish his presence in the Pakistani entertainment industry. The fans are yet to see more of Danyal on-screen even though he is quite active on social media.

Critiques have undermined Danyal’s acting capabilities, however, Alizey stands as an actor who has played a supporting role before being offered main roles in the last few years. Danyal will definitely have to up his game. Or perhaps a controversy related to the two of them could boost their careers? Noman Sami was similarly seen doing pretty small roles on television but got the boost when he started dating Alizey Shah.

The public has been a fan of Alizey’s innocence and now is a fan of her bob-cut that suits her and the bubbly role that she played in Taana Baana. Although there are criticisms, it cannot be denied that Alizey is a promising star of the Pakistani drama industry.

Danyal Zafar got the ticket to the industry because of his brother, and his friendship (or more) with Alizey Shah can lead him to increase his fan following and get him more screen time on television or perhaps films. Tell us what the future holds for Danyal in the comments!