Supercar Blondie bio Net Worth 2021: Age, Height, Weight, Husband

Alexandra Hirschi is the most famous vlogger who made a video about fast supercars. The name she used for online vlogs is “Supercar Blondie”. She was an Australian born but Dubai based vlogger. Her craze about super-fast cars is unbeatable. She is famous for the automotive vlogs she used to make when she races. She is a regular activator of social media. A prominent representative being a vlogger about Supercars she drove belongs to Rolls Royce, Audis, McLaren, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini and many more.

Source: instagram (alexandra mary Darvall Hirschi )

Supercar Blondie – Alexandra Mary Hirschi is 35 years old supercar driver. She was married to Nik Hirschi but never mentioned an open story about her love or marriage with Nik. She drives a supercar as a man can never drive in such manner of spirit as she did. She celebrates her birthday in September on the 21st of every year. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. She is well-heightened with 5.6 feet, grey-eyed and white in ethnicity. An Australian based birth and Dubai based living vlogger got fame in 2015 when she made her 1st vlog.

She is also known with the name “a very rich child in Dubai”. On last Valentine Day, she bought a red color Ferrari car for her husband with more than one thousand roses for him as a gift.

Source: instagram (alexandra mary Darvall Hirschi )

Her Professional Life

Supercar blondie started her career as a vlogger even she got fame within night over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and youTube. She was one of the most famous vloggers in 2018 whose subscribers were growing in the fastest number at one.

After getting popular being a supercar driver, she appeared in Hollywood movies and series named Grip in 2018, Top gear in 2019 and most-watched series Car Crews based on 7 episodes in 2019.

Source: instagram (alexandra mary Darvall Hirschi )


Her Interest, Activities and Hobbies

Alex Hirschi is a fun-loving girl, she never let her desires down as she told she did work at a radio station. Her radio station work gave her fame in Dubai where everyone likes to watch her vlogs. She was known by the name Radio blondie when she was working in Dubai eye for many years. She shared her car passion with the listeners. She said once that she did not want to become a vlogger but started making videos as a social media influencer.

Blondie’s Net Worth

Her earning are lavishly healthy not only the ways of her source of income but she is also earning triples from YouTube vlogs, Instagram and Facebook fame. Her net worth is more than 1 million dollars. When she was married to her husband Nik she wanted a manager to manage accounts as well. Nik was once her manager.

Nik Hirschi, her husband is one of the most handsome people near her as she once says in an interview in a car. He was a banker before he met her, but when he made her youTube channel and starting manage it, her husband became a part of her crew. He knows best how to deal and what to do. he is her best advisor.