10 reasons why eating protein is good for your weight loss journey

If you are trying to lose weight eating more proteins can be good for your weight loss journey.

Paleo diet and low Carb diet are known for high protein intake due to this the popularity of protein is increasing day by day.As you go through your weight loss journey, you may question why proteins are so necessary to lose weight 


Balance in eating and work out is very necessary, eating well is also about being careful about the sort of food that you eat.  If you’re trying to find a way to suppress your calorie consumption and shed weight, then a higher-protein diet might be really good for you  

Here are 10 reasons why protein can help you burn excessive fat and lose weight:  

1.Proteins satisfies you and saves calories

Protein is crucial since it can help you feel fuller longer.  Having protein round slows down digestion which makes us feel more satisfied and less inclined to return for seconds.  Should this happen within the course of several days your calorie savings can aid with weight reduction.    

2.When you eat proteins you need smaller portions 

When you turn to a protein-rich meal such as an omelet or even a hearty bean stew, you will notice that it is unexpectedly filling.  Instead of needing to pile your plate, then you can become as complete by eating less.  Meaning you could begin to cut off your portion sizes, and it is a surefire method to aid with weight reduction.  

3.Proteins release special kind of hormones to make you less hungry 

In 2016, study by the Imperial College of London discovered that phenylalanine, a product of protein, published an hormone in rats who stopped them from feeling hungry.  Researchers think that the exact same concept could be applied to people, also.  As soon as we consume particular forms of protein and create the phenylalanine, it might indicate that we immediately feel peckish!  

4.Eatingproteinscan boost metabolism 

If you would like to shed weight, boosting your metabolism is a wonderful place to get started.  On account of this large thermic effect of a protein-rich diet (our own bodies burn more calories digesting protein than carbohydrates or fat), your body will naturally begin to burn off more calories.  That means a Wholesome meal consisting of protein, such as broiled chicken and leafy greens, may be ideal if You want to lose weight 

5.Processing protein requires more energy 

The”thermic effect of food” (TEF) is that the power we use to digest foods to little, absorb able components.  Protein has a greater TEF when compared with carbohydrates and fat significance you are really burning more calories to process protein compared to process another two.  


It could be surprising, however it’s a scientifically proven fact that  your body cannot effectively burn off and utilize fat as energy in case it does not have aid from either protein or carbohydrate.  Since you’re losing weight, your body loses both fat and muscle.  In this procedure it’s particularly important that you keep consuming enough protein in your diet plan.  Possessing sufficient protein coming from meals fuels fat burning whilst maintaining calorie-burning lean muscle.  

7. Protein helps your muscle grow and repair  

Your protein intake needs increase especially after intense workout, so increasing your protein intake on days that you exercise can prove good for your body. If you are into strength training you should consider having a high protein snack right after a training session because that is exactly the time when muscle is sensitive to nutrients it can use to grow and repair, so if you take protein after workout it can help your muscle grow faster. 

 8.IF you take Proteins in breakfast you are less likely to snack 

What is more, that long-term full feeling could block you from snacking.  1 study by the University of Missouri-Columbia discovered that ingesting a high-protein breakfast rather than skipping breakfast prevented participants by needing high quality, high-sugar snacks later in the day.  From the analysis, the subjects ate eggs and lean beef, but the exact same would apply for any high-protein meal.  

9.Mobility can be improved by eating proteins 

Most of us understand that the key to staying fit is working out.  But a lot of men and women find it difficult to remain mobile, especially those struggling with obesity.  Eating lots of protein might be the solution.  According to a study printed in the Journals of Gerontology, such as more protein into your diet can lead to enhanced performance in regards to exercise.  Meaning that becoming active will be easier. 

10.It slows down absorption of sugar from carbs

Pairing protein with carbohydrate-rich foods  can slow down the absorption of sugar from your stomach into your bloodstream, which can help to keep your sugar levels in check as high sugar is one of the main reasons of obesity. 

One important thing you should know is that eating more protein won’t necessarily help you lose extra weight in a very healthy way. If you eat protiens in excessive amounts it can lead to weight gain, and it can also place your kidney under a stress for a long period of time 

Eating more protein to weight reduction does not mean that you need to do anything drastic, such as ordering that 40-ounce beef for supper.  Just make certain to incorporate a few high-protein foods at every meal and snack to get all of the advantages that you want to get rid of the weight.  

 Which form of protein do you take or plan to take? let us know in the comments below.